Friday, September 20, 2013

Let us go back to Summer Paradise!

After those hard days of school and final exams...

The only thing that can heal you is...

So, then is time to pack... 

And get ready to start your...

You can be with friends

Or meet new people, and let them become your family

After those unforgetable moments...

Is time to say...

And that's when you realize, that you want to go back, BACK TO SUMMER PARADISE.


  1. Autumn is settling down here as well :( Love the photos, really cute and inspiring :-)

    Love, Elle

  2. Me encantan las fotos!
    Se nota que lo pasaste GENIAL!
    Me chifla tu blog!


  3. Oh, I definitely understand what you mean! I am so tired of fall already! I wish summer could just come back! Pretty please!!!


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