Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let's get rid of complexes!

Bodies... What a wonderful thing, don't you think? They're the temples of our soul but that's not a reason for letting them define who we are. Our body is ours. Not hers, not his, not theirs. So why should them judge it? Why should we care about their judgements? ALL bodies are beautiful if you like them.  Some mornings it may be difficult to look at yourself in the mirror (or maybe not, lucky you!) but there'll always be someone craving for it.  

Love what you have or fight for having what you'd love! But never, NEVER, let your body bring you down. Because you're more than that. You're more than a flat belly or than a size 42. You are you. And YOU are wonderful <3



Don't try to be something you aren't....

You wouldn't be happy that way.

Besides, food is pretty awesome, isn't it?

That's the main reason I'm on a seafood diet. I see food and eat it.
Nah, just kidding. Health goes first (:

One last thing now it's summer!


  1. Nice post! We should think always like that! <3
    Followign you! You have such and inspiring blog :D

  2. this is SO true and I love the pic with the barbie - so crazy!!


  3. hahaha you are right, food is pretty awesome!! nice blog
    As you said, your new follower from


  4. so true. haha snow white.. she's funny!!


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