Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bagdad Café

This is one of the movies in my life that have really moved me. It's not full of action, or drama, or special effects, but it tells a story. And the way I see it, it's a human story. Directed by Percy Adlon, it came out in 1987, and was a sensation. It's set in "a desert road, from Vegas to Nowhere":

I won't reveal the whole story, I know some people who prefer to watch a movie without having an advance on the plot ;) I'll just say that it shows how strong a person can get to be, and how much we can endure. All of this represents how a person can change, and how we are actually free. However desperate the situation may be, there is always a way to find happiness in life, even in the places that you believe are completely different from what you would've liked. I strongly recommend this movie, really. By the way, the main song is marvelous, it's been in repeat in my ipod for like two weeks now. It seems somewhat hypotic.

A desert road from Vegas to nowhere
Some place better than where you've beenA coffee machine that needs some fixingIn a little café just around the bend

I am calling you(Don't you hear me)I am calling you 

A hot dry wind blows right through meThe baby's crying and I can't sleepBut we both know a change is comingComing closer, a sweet release 

I am calling you(I know you hear me?)I am calling you 

I'm gonna walk through the desert to find youGone leave behind the only life I knowThere's a place for hearts that need fixingA little café with a magic show 

I am calling you(Can't you hear me?)I am calling you 

Desert road from Vegas to nowhereThat coffee machine still needs fixing 

(Sung by the wonderful Jevetta Steele)

Marianne Sägebrecht is Jasmin Münchgstettener. (Yes, the movie is actually german!)

And CCH Pounder is Brenda.



  1. It really sounds like a great movie! I am going to look into it!

    Your blog is great by the way, would you like to follow each other??


  2. Oh i love old movies!
    Loves, Saar -

    Ps, how about following eachother? I follow you! ☺
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  3. I swear to you I am going to watch this, it looks pretty cult-film-like and I love those type of life changing films. Thanks for the introduction xo


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