Friday, January 11, 2013

Let's Skeletonize!

As people always talk about "inner beauty" we thought about having a glimpse to what is covered by skin!

Oh sweetie, there's no need to feel ashamed: your bones are GORGEOUS! 

Credits to: us via Polyvore, Sodeb's way

And yours too (but if they're recovered by some flesh they look even better)!


  1. Hey! Your blog is so cute, i think, but i don't see your posonality photos. I thik your bloog will be more cool with your photos

    and i miss you dear<3 Are you return to Padwirth in this summer?

  2. Thank you :Dh and there are personal photos (: But in older posts and right now we're working on posts with more (:

    I miss you too <3 And yes, I'm returning. What about you? (:

  3. Me encanta la camiseta con las manos de esqueletos :)



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