Monday, November 12, 2012

Inspiration tale

As an inspiration, we thought, why not write a short tale, with images that inspire us?

At the creation of light, there was not only light and darkness. There was a girl.

She lived in the clouds, sleeping, flying, floating and looking at the world underneath her feet. She travelled all around the globe on clouds, and ate the blue poppies she grew. One day, a shooting star took her down, and as she was falling towards the ground, all her fear was replaced by curiosity. What would it be like to live under the clouds? She wondered and wondered as she fell. 

She finally hit the sea, and touched water for the first time. It felt cold. She floated for a while, and driven by curiosity, she dunk her head in the water. 

                                               She met a very nice jellyfish, who taught her how to flow instead of float. 

                                    But a big wave caught them by surprise,

                             And the girl found herself in a bluebell forest

                            She walked through the forest, and among the blue flowers, she found a pink one...

        as soon as her breath touched the petals the flower broke into pieces! 

As the sun went down and the moon came up, little creatures appeared. Their lights flickered through the forest, very much like fireflies.

 They were all making a line, which descended through a hole. 

She fell through the hole, just like Alice. To her surprise, there she was, in a subway station. So, she decided to dance. 

But she saw a light in the tracks. She approached it, and there it was, between the rocks, a candle. 

It was the shooting star that had made her fall. 

Credits : The Creation of Light, Gustave Doré , Unknown, Honestly WTFHonestly WTF, Unknown Hardtoexplain, Unknown, Honestly WTFHonestly WTFHonestly WTF, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. 

P.S : We promise we are going to start taking photos. 


  1. So lovely images and text, great tale!

  2. Lovely shots and it really captures the mood!:)

    xx pauline

    1. thanks for commenting!
      Love from Spain!! :)

  3. Las fotos y el texto están genial! Me encanta este post!


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