Thursday, November 1, 2012


Right now I'm writing with "I love it" from Icona Pop and all that Halloween flow is in my veins!! My hands are red with fake blood, my lips red, my eyes black and a pair of red wings have just grown out of my back!

Now "No Way" by Sala & the Strange Sounds is playing. It's true, you know? You won't find a way out from me... Blood is already dripping out of my mouth and there's an amazing blue cake out there. Are you sure you want to leave?

The day after (tchan tchan tchaaaaaaan): I don't know how we do this but we're still looking pretty scary. Well, actually I do know: rings under the eyes, rests of fake blood on our pajamas, messy hair and coarse voices.

Anyways, this is getting scary so let's start our tale:

There was a little cooking angel who wanted to bake a pie...

 But, being careless she touched the magic mixture...

Which afterwards turned green.

Something happened to her!
She grew red wings and horns, her lips turned carmine and her soul, fire.

"I'm sorry for being a bad girl...NOOOOT"

She invited her friend the witch....

And they did evil things (muahahahaahahaha)

When they started feeling sleepy....

Out of nowhere, a dead bride appear telling them....

That the party was over.


And this is how our "trick or truck?" entry ends. 

PS: We actually know that it is "Trick or treat?" but the fear of the night disturbed our minds. We are now disturbed japanese girls.



  1. thanks a lot for stopping by our blog. Nice post. You were really hallowen inspired. Beautiful the pic where you're smiling

    xo Lelli, italian fashion family


  2. Thank you a lot (: Yes haha a little bit (;

    Angie & Sonia

  3. this is really a lot of fun.....!!

    kisses from Italy
    p.s.= your new readers


    1. hahaha, kisses from Spain!!

      Sonia & Angie

  4. "I love it" de Icona Pop <3 Y la entrada de Halloween ha sido súper graciosa! Me encantan las alitas rojas :)
    Gracias por vuestro comentario en la entrada de Shakespeare, y por pasaros por el blog! Ya os sigue via blogger!

    un besito,

    1. Jajaja, gracias, las tengo desde pequeña! Gracias a ti por responder :)


      Sonia & Angie


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