Monday, September 3, 2012

"There is no cure for Paris" - Hemingway

I first visited Paris when I was little, and while living there, I never felt actually charmed by it. I was attending an international school, so most of my friends were from all around the world but Paris. Afterwards, when I moved back to Madrid, I realized how much I missed Paris and how much I had changed while living there. Now, everything in it has a special glow, a magical touch! Most of my friends make fun of me, because when I talk about Paris I always manage to say "It's so special!" As you can see, I am now "Paris-ill", and Hemingway was right, there is no cure for Paris indeed!

 Anyways...these are some pics of my last trip to Paris, and of my favourite bridge, Le pont d'Alexandre III!

The dress is HM, the vest is vintage!
                                                                      Credits: us

Et c'est sur le pont d'Alexandre III que notre entrée se termine!

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  1. thanks for the comment! love the photos of course i follow you! keep in touch:) xx

    1. Thank you for your comment! :)

      xx, Sonia & Angie

    2. "There is no cure for Paris" is not a Hemingway quote. It's from Paua McLain's "A Wife in Paris." First sentence in the prologue.

  2. que bella la fotografia de ese cielo nublado!


  3. Love this post! Such gorgeous shots! xx



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