Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Street Style! Les Champs Elysées

Finally, here it is. Our first "home-made" street style post. It's not as easy as it seems... Having to talk to strangers, in the middle of a crowd, specially if you're as shy as I am... No, I'm kidding. Doing street style pictures is one of the funniest things ever! And when somebody let you take a picture of his/her outfit you feel like... "YEAH! I'm on fire!". Because, sometimes (3/4) you can't take the picture you wanted to: sometimes the "potential model" doesn't want you to take a pic of him or her, sometimes she or he doesn't look really friendly, sometimes you see the perfect outfit walking on the other side of the street and you don't have enough time to cross it, sometimes you also forget your camera (!)...

He's from New York which might be the coolest city ever (after Paris, of course)! 

It surprised me how well dressed were guys in Paris (even if this one is from Marseille), each one of them having their own style, always cool , always personal.

 It's a pity that you cannot see her make-up. Turquoise mascara is always crazy but it looked so cool on her! She's a designer from London. Here's her website:

I know that sometimes shoes don't really appear but just think that seeing the smile of the "model" makes you float more than seeing her/his shoes ;) (next time you'll see the shoes, I promise... ).

Credits: us

And this is how our first street style entry ends.

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